Sammy O’Banion: Queens Landing & The Kind King with the Psaltery Voice

Sammy O'Banion: The Kind King with the Psaltery Voice

Sammy O’Banion entertainment director at Queens Landing in Lake Norman. He is famously talented and the friendliest gentleman at the pier. I arrived just as he was setting up and testing his music and equipment. He serenaded me with Georgia by Ray Charles.

I was enthralled and mesmerized as he began to sing. The texture and tone of his voice oh so reminiscent of the late great Ray Charles.¬† His easy smile made me want to sit down and hear more. He even played an original tune ‘Next to Me.’ I continued to smile as he played cover after cover slipping a few originals in from time to time. I loved his apologetic rendition of, ‘I Still Do.’ I think this young man (66 years young) needs to teach a class in chivalry and crooning.

What I loved even more was the thoughtful conversations we shared. My favorite – he shared his wise grandmother with me in a story where he asked her, ‘What color is God?’ and his sharing of her response actually brought me to tears, ‘Whatever color you have a problem with.’

I hope she looked down at the two of us sharing that moment, me and my brown skin and blonde hair and he with his pink sun-kissed skin and white hair and smiled. I’ll never, ever forget him and I’ll remember her forever.

The scenery here at Queens Landing is beautiful. The pier, the pontoon, the jet skis, the yacht. However, as one yet to ride, drink or eat I’m already sold on the place. Thank you so much Mr. Sammy O’Banion. I’ll be back to see you soon! I believe this will be a great location for a Business Klub social in the Lake Norman area to get to know the local small business owners in a beautiful setting with great company. Meanwhile, keep walking on water.

Sammy O'Banion: The Kind King with the Psaltery Voice

You can meet Sammy O’Banion and hear him at Queens Landing in Lake Norman on Saturday Nights.

You may also Connect with Sammy via:

Facebook: Sammy O’Banion

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